Thursday, 23 May 2013

Chosen - Resolution

Dublin born Chosen have grafted their metal sound into a fuming beast over the course of eight years and now with a new album release called “Resolution”, things are looking bright for their future. They've had an incredible response to their release, with thousands of downloads and any number of positive reviews posted throughout the metal community.

With several EP's recorded between here and Vancouver, Resolution is their first full length album and what a package they've created. The album is available for download on their website and at other locations but they have also pieced together a beautiful limited edition hardcopy CD and a seperate Colletors Edition (a sixty page full cover book filled with photos, lyrics and diaries). It's a step further than most other bands will go and an awesome touch to their new release. Check these pieces out at their website, definitely worth a look.

But most importantly the music reflects the physical beauty of this collection. Recorded at Westland Studios in Dublin, “Resolution” pulls together their experiece and molds it into this diverse metal beast. It's quick and edgy from the outset with influences from the likes of Gojira, Nevermore and Opeth seeping through their riffs without saturating. Although segments may be similar in places to various big name bands they're hard to place and never overused. The result of which is a sound Paul Shields and David McCann have developed over the years to create Chosen.

Key tracks on the album for me were “Engines of Belief”, “Mental Clarity” and “Metaphysical Contradiction”. For me, these stood out amongst the rest, delivering tribal drum openings, crushing guitar riffs, jagged veering vocals and flowing metal grooves. “Mental Clarity” as such is just an enjoyable song that if anything else, should be given a quick listen.

Rounding off on “Resolution”, it's great to see a band go that extra step with their physical productions for their album. In todays music environment, especially here in Ireland, this is what's needed. Chosens' collectors edition of their album is something special that I really hope people come to appreciate.

Head over to the Chosen Facebook Page and have a listen! You'll enjoy it!

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  1. Great review man! And, I couldn't agree more on all counts. My favourites (right now) are The Narcissism Epidemic, Defective Prospection and Metaphysical Contradiction.

    Though, the whole album's CLASS! :-D