Friday, 20 March 2015

Kickstart Gehtika

From the UK Midlands, extreme metallers Gehtika announce a new album along with their Kickstarter Funding project. 

Vocalist Anthony Knight comments, “We have worked tirelessly over the past 7-8 months writing, rehearsing and perfecting this absolute behemoth of an album; making sure every aspect of every song is as epic as can be."

“We wanted to create something unique, something with tons of big riffs, sweeping solos, fierce vocals and enough blast beats to make your ears bleed! And so, from the deepest darkest reaches of our twisted little minds, our heaviest, most accomplished, release to date; A Monster in Mourning was born! A collection of dark, brooding and brutal compositions, which travel through a larger-than-life fantasy saga of betrayal, vengeance, redemption and countless revelations…"

With a release date planned for Summer along with a tour, this Kickstarter project aims to raise money for CDs, artwork. and merchandise. Take a look at the video below for more information about "A Monster In Mourning" and their project.

In a message on their Facebook Page, Gehtika announce they have made their Kickstarter Target in just three days. This is outstanding for an indie band and any further donations will go a whole long way.

I wish the guys in Gehtika all the best with their release and upcoming tour and hopefully they'll make an appearance at a venue here in Ireland too.

Anthony Knight - Vocals 
Scott Allen - Guitar 
Topher O'Meagher - Guitar 
Psy' Timms - Bass 
Marc Lord - Drums

Gehtika Facebook

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Avenir - Chrysalis Album Review

Djent? It's everywhere these days. You can take the positive or the negative from it but overall, it's becoming increasingly tiring listening to severely down-tuned guitars chugging at irregular time signatures. It makes for a sore neck and fantastic chicken impressions. I'll leave your imagination to figure that one out.

Yet here come Avenir with their new album, "Chrysalis". Born of Gotland, off the coast of Sweden in 2009, this quintet have taken what's become almost irrelevant, and refreshed it with their own mix of traditional Swedish metal and modern metal-core madness. It works!

The two minute drum / synth intro one would think is a nod to the good 'ol black metal days. As the first track "The Falls" kicks into gear it is again, modern, heavy and well produced. The drums are clear, the guitars chunky and vocals gravelly and loud. We're swiftly swept away by "Exiled", pure melodic death metal. The talent of this young band really shines, the drums sound huge and the stunning vocals through the chorus really take the album on its way.

In parts, it's easy to fear Avenir will slip into the pit falls of following trends the metal scene has set, but they really don't. Instead it's melo-death the way through. Winding guitars loop and entwine the listener through "Dead Inside". Here's a point where it's easy to hear those djent influences. What am I saying? Djent isn't even a thing!! Avenir just work their magic and perfect their sounds with solid talent, recording and producing.

Take some time to check out Avenir. You will not be disappointed. "Depletion", "Ambiguity - Feat. Peter Tuthill" and "Revelation" being a few of the key tracks on Chrysalis. As the album progresses the music becomes heavier and we are ever drawn into their infectious world of modern melodic death metal. I don't want to escape it and I sure hope they'll be making their way through Europe for a tour soon! 

Rickard Möller - Vocals
Gustav Runander - Guitar
Pontus Nordborg - Guitar
Samuel Wizén - Bass
Filip Booberg - Drums

Truly some talented musicians with a bright future ahead. 

Avenir on Bandcamp
Avenir - Chrysalis - Spotify


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